Crayon Resist Turtles

Bridge class continued the Primary building’s study of turtles by producing some crayon resist/water color pictures. Templates were provided and they practiced their tracing skills and focused on creating patterns and designs. (While I am not a big supporter of using templates, it does give the children an idea of size and shape and a clear visual guide as to how they should fill their paper.) I like the younger children to practice drawing shapes and lines as much as possible as this skill is the building block to becoming confident in art. Applying water color over the crayon patterns is always ‘magical’ as the students experience how the crayon ‘resists’ the paint.

Will E.

Kenzie W.

Hamilton B.

Bryant S.

Emmanuel O.

Emma H.

Sydney T.

Anna T.


About stephwheatley

Formerly from Britain, I have lived in the USA since 1989. My qualifications are in library science, but I've had a passion for all things artsy and crafty for as long as I can remember! I became the Primary Art Teacher at Shady Oak Christian School in 2009 and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I teach students at both Shady Oak Christian School and Shady Oak Primary School. It's wonderful to be able to share my passion at a place that believes in the importance of learning through creativity. Please check out the Shady Oak websites at and to learn more about these unique schools located in Richmond, TX.
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