Layered Ladybugs

This week the Bridge class has been studying ladybugs. I chose a project that helped the students practice their developing skills and introduced new concepts. They were each given a sheet of blue, brown, three shades of green and a red piece of construction paper. We discussed what each color was going to represent. The blue paper was the sky and would be the background in their pictures. They were then instructed to cut a wavy line across their brown piece of paper. This was going to represent the dirt and would also be part of the background. The brown paper was glued on to the blue paper. The next step was creating grass. They were instructed to cut three thin strips from each shade of green paper, totalling nine strips altogether. The students then positioned the strips on to their blue/brown background and were instructed to overlap some of them and glue them in place. The grass formed the mid-ground of their pictures. The next step was creating the ladybugs, the foreground details. They were instructed to draw at least nine circle shapes on red paper. They then outlined each circle with a sharpie and gave the ladybug bodies details. They then cut out the circles and randomly glued the circles on the grass. The final step was to add heads, antennae and legs to their ladybugs with a sharpie. We discussed how this project was created through layering. Many new concepts for the Bridge class. But they grasped them quickly. Great job 🙂

Hamilton B.

Anna T.

Will E.

Bryant S.

Kenzie W.

Emmanuel O.

Emma H.

Sydney T.


About stephwheatley

Formerly from Britain, I have lived in the USA since 1989. My qualifications are in library science, but I've had a passion for all things artsy and crafty for as long as I can remember! I became the Primary Art Teacher at Shady Oak Christian School in 2009 and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I teach students at both Shady Oak Christian School and Shady Oak Primary School. It's wonderful to be able to share my passion at a place that believes in the importance of learning through creativity. Please check out the Shady Oak websites at and to learn more about these unique schools located in Richmond, TX.
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