Picasso Witches

The next project that the 2nd and 3rd grade worked upon this week combined both the theme of Halloween and the style of Picasso. As soon as I came across this picture on the Artsonia website, I knew it would be a great project to introduce Picasso to the students. http://www.artsonia.com/schools/teacherart.asp?id=14136&art=3547617

These Picasso witches were created using constrction paper and contrasting scrapbook paper; a paper collage. Students were first instructed to cut two ovals from a piece of construction and scrapbook paper. They then chose one of the ovals to draw and cut out the ugly profile of the witch. Just like a Picasso portrait, features were distorted and exaggerated. The profile piece was then glued on to the other oval. The next step was to give the witch a hat. This was done by cutting a triangular shape out of black construction paper. The head and hat were then glued on to a colored background. Nowit was time to add details; eyes, mouth, hair, teeth, boils, warts n’all!!!!! The students loved this part andhad great fun ‘uglying up’ their witch! Great pictures 2nd and 3rd grade 🙂


Picasso’s Weeping Woman

Bailey L.

Michael M.

Davis M.

Collin F.

Gabriel G.

Kaleigh C.

Ava E.

August V.

Connor B.

Tayloranne W.















About stephwheatley

Formerly from Britain, I have lived in the USA since 1989. My qualifications are in library science, but I've had a passion for all things artsy and crafty for as long as I can remember! I became the Primary Art Teacher at Shady Oak Christian School in 2009 and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I teach students at both Shady Oak Christian School and Shady Oak Primary School. It's wonderful to be able to share my passion at a place that believes in the importance of learning through creativity. Please check out the Shady Oak websites at http://www.shadyoak.net/ and http://www.shadyoakprimary.com/ to learn more about these unique schools located in Richmond, TX.
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