25 Years of Art at Shady Oak

Shady Oak Christian School is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary during the 2011/2012 school year. Freedom of expression, creativity, exploring, hands on, dressing for mess, everyone is an artist…I could go on and on. But these are all words and phrases that I associate with Shady Oak and the style of learning that is encouraged. This applies to not only the children but also the encouragement given to parents. The volunteers who have worked tirelessly, to create themed t-shirts, Christmas auction crafts, Spring Festival Crafts, Christmas Themed Trees, Christmas Fantasy Rooms, to name but a few, I’m sure would not have been motivated without the encouragement of Shady Oak staff and the mutual encouragement of each other. It’s what makes being part of Shady Oak so special.

There have been many memorable artistic projects and creations over the past 25 years and I hope you will join me in writing about them and even posting a few pictures.

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