Spring Thing

Each year Shady Oak holds a ‘Spring Thing’ event. The event is for fundraising purposes, but also to bring the Shady Oak community together through fun and kid-friendly activities. For the past few years, Shady Oak students have organized a ‘Fun Run’ to help raise money for a worthy cause. Local area charities and organizations are typically championed.

6 Responses to Spring Thing

  1. Nancy Wenzel says:

    I love that you put our tree in your headline banner! It looks so bright and beautiful. But i that photo of my posterior has got to go!

  2. Cathy Wesley says:

    The tree is SO pretty!! Where will it be hung up? BTW, Nancy, your posterior is lovely! (not that I was looking or anything… ( :

  3. Heather Guill says:

    If I can’t take them home to hang in my living room, then the front notice board (by my desk) will be just fine! 🙂 I LOVED this project!

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