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Color Theory with 1st and 2nd Grade

1st and 2nd graders began the school year in art class reviewing color theory. Students were shown the color wheel and created pictures with primary and secondary colors. Through experimenting with paint they learned about the relationship between colors. Here … Continue reading

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Rainbow Colored Umbrella

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Bridge and Kindergarten spent this week in the art room and learned about the color wheel, colors of the rainbow and warm and cool colors. There are many ways to teach children about color theory, but I liked this idea found … Continue reading

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Color Wheel Collage – Kindergarten and Bridge

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Kindergarten students created their own color wheels with construction paper and a variety of corresponding colored objects. They learned that the primary colors red, blue and yellow when mixed together made the secondary colors, orange, purple and green.

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‘Red Tastes Like…’

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The Kindergarten and Bridge classes learned all about ‘color’ in the art room this week. They learned about primary colors, secondary colors and colors of the rainbow. One of the projects the students worked on was a color collage. Each … Continue reading

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Close-up flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keefe

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I’ve been wanting to do a Georgia O’Keefe art project with my students for quite a while. I found the perfect inspiration on Pinterest. The following link provided a great starting point;  http://www.theartofed.com/2011/02/23/the-flower-fell-off-the-paper/ I decided to tweak the directions slightly by … Continue reading

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